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Signals From [Space] explores the frontiers of health and technology, including the research, people, companies and capital advancing the [spaces] that impact every one of us — starting with [kidney care].

Our first [space] voyage explores the depths of the so-called Kidneyverse. I’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours curating, collecting, and connecting dots to bring you the top stories, research, and insights from the intersection of all things kidney health.

I’m Tim. By day, I'm building a company called IKONA; by night, I write Signals— curating & sharing lessons as a founder in the [kidney] space and from past lives across finance, research, and the US Navy. My life took a sharp turn in 2013 when I ended up as a lifetime VA patient. A few years later I decided to do something about it by co-founding my first company. A few years into company building, I decided to start sharing my writing and research in hopes of building awareness, optimism, and hard-earned lessons with the world.

That’s how Signals was born.

Healthcare is personal. We each have a story to tell— what’s yours?

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If you work in or around healthcare, you know the power of shared purpose. That audacious, common cause so many of us are willing to stand behind, far beyond our paychecks. You wouldn’t be here (long) if you didn’t. I hope this newsletter reinforces that feeling, and strengthens your resolve when the going gets tough.

My goal in writing Signals is to give you the tools and insights you need to advance your own missions in this space. Too often the people with the most passion, grit, and ideas lack the knowledge to know where to start. I’m here to help change that, one [space] at a time — starting with kidney care.

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We get things done here, and we have a whole lot of fun doing it. I’d love for you to be a part of it.

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